Delivery Methods (Pricing):

Construction Management (Open Book)

Open book pricing is providing the transparency missing from a lump sum price. It allows you as the client, to share in the benefits that come from more efficient work and costs that may be lower than originally estimated.

We hope you find value in the transactional transparency and obtaining our builder discounted costs on material and labor. Throughout the life of the project regular accounting and cost reporting are provided and communicated with you, a compliment to the definition of Open Book.

General Contracting (Lump Sum)

Many clients prefer to enter into a comprehensive contractual agreement, this allows them to partner with our team as the sole entity throughout the entire construction process. When operating in this capacity, CBG controls the bidding, construction and supervision for our clients at a pre-negotiated cost based on the drawings and specifications provided. Proposals are developed and prepared for residential and commercial projects by using qualified subcontractors best suited for the project in conjunction with pre-construction walks and site inspections if necessary.

Although the work may be complex or have logistical challenges, our approach is simple.  CBG has a vast network of highly qualified and vetted subcontractors that work closely with the project team to consistently hit scheduled milestones and produce quality products through their hard work, dedication and pride.