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In the world of custom home construction, where every detail matters and every choice can shape the future of your home, we at Cornerstone Builders stand as a testament to the ideals and benchmarks you seek in a construction management firm. Our service is not just about building homes; it’s about building trust, understanding, and partnerships that turn visions into reality.

From the onset, we recognize the importance of thorough research and referrals in shaping your decision. Our extensive experience, backed by a portfolio that speaks for itself, showcases our capability to bring diverse and intricate designs to life. It’s not just about the structures we raise but the personal journeys we embark upon with each client, ensuring their vision is realized.

We pride ourselves on surpassing the standard level of expertise and craftsmanship. Holding the necessary licenses and insurance, we safeguard your project and your peace of mind. But beyond the paperwork and the accolades, it’s our commitment to you—our client—that truly sets us apart. We believe in open, clear communication, ensuring we’re aligned with your ideas, your expectations, and your style from the very beginning.

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Understanding the significance of references and past work, we invite you to explore our completed projects and speak with former clients. This transparency extends to our handling of budgets and costs, where we offer clarity and honesty, presenting detailed quotes and contracts that outline all expenses. Our approach is designed to navigate the complexities of custom construction with you, adjusting seamlessly to any changes or unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Our after-sales service and comprehensive warranty reflect our confidence in our work and our dedication to your satisfaction long after the project is completed. In an era where sustainability is increasingly paramount, we incorporate eco-friendly construction practices and materials, ensuring that your home is not only a haven for you but also a friend to the environment.

Managing timelines and overseeing projects with attention to detail, we employ robust project management strategies. We keep you informed, involved, and at ease, every step of the way.  We don’t just check boxes; we create benchmarks, setting new standards in personalized construction management.

Frequently Asked Questions

We manage diverse residential projects, including custom homes, renovations, and expansions, tailored to individual client needs. Typically we do not perform projects that consist of a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or addition. In order for us to be competitive, the project usually consists of a whole house renovation, or ground up new construction.

Routine budget vs actual reports are furnished. Use of value engineering (defined as a systematic approach aimed at optimizing a project’s costs and functionality, ensuring maximum efficiency and value without compromising quality).

Sustainability is key for us; we provide eco-friendly construction options to meet the needs of environmentally conscious homeowners.

Certainly, we can suggest architects who best suit your project’s style and objectives.

While specific pricing without plans can vary greatly, we can share historical cost data per square foot based on recent work completed to help guide your budgeting process.

We offer comprehensive warranties and post-construction services to ensure your continued satisfaction with our work.

Open, ongoing communication is vital. Through technology, calls, emails, and meetings, we provide regular updates and are always available to answer questions, ensuring a transparent and collaborative process.

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